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Dear Editor,


A brand new opposition party with a twist of an English name is required, if it is to attract the next generation of Samoa’s eligible voters in five years time.

Forget about the name Tautua. 

It does not serve any further purpose as an opposition party in Samoa. 

The election result showed how inept the party performed. The loss by the Tautua party is a humiliating defeat by any stretch of the imagination. 

The people of Samoa had spoken. So as far as the name goes as an opposition party, the name Tautua is dead and buried.

It is obvious, the name H.R.P.P, Human Rights Protection Party, has an affinity with the people of Samoa. The record speaks for itself of over thirty years of rule in Samoa.

It is imperative for the new opposition to choose a name wisely. 

How about Y.L.I.M.H, Your Life In My Hand?


Utumap Laso

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