Young man hopes wall along the river can save them in future

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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Junior Malu of Leone, collecting stones to cover muddy areas around his house.

Junior Malu of Leone, collecting stones to cover muddy areas around his house.

Every time there is a heavy downpour, residents living on the riverbanks get nervous.

They have good reason to worry.

Junior Malu, 18, from Leone says they have seen the devastation the river is capable of causing over the years.

But they are hopeful. 

They believe the unfinished wall along the riverbank could help save their homes from the floodwaters in the future.

This week, he said water found its way over the wall on Thursday night.

Mr. Malu explained to the Village Voice team the river bursting its banks was much worse at night. 

“Vaisigano River burst its banks on Thursday twice, first it was in the afternoon and then the second one was late at night,” Mr. Malu said. 

“During the day was not really that serious, compared to the one at night, where you can really see how bad the Vaisigano River can be during heavy downpours.

“I think the wall was the reason our houses wasn’t flooded, but water came over the wall, which was why this whole place was flooded.”

Mr. Malu was collecting stones to cover the muddy areas around his house when the Village Voice team met him yesterday morning.

Mr. Malu said houses around the riverside are always the ones most affected when the Vaisigano riverbank overflows.

“The side where we live are the most affected when it comes to the Vaisigano River bursting its banks.

Mr. Malu added they were now waiting for the wall to be completed to prevent water from overflowing.

“We have now come to the conclusion that this wall will save us from the rising water levels.”

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