Just accept the truth

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Re: Brainwashed 

You didn’t answer my question, nor did you specifically reply to anything else I said. 

Your replies are becoming more random. 

Now you want to talk about Jesus. The fact that you are going off topic is proof that your claims have no scientific and historical backing. 

Stop looking up cr** online posted by the heathen; I’ve ask them for evidence all the time to support their claims and all I hear is crickets. 

Anyway, the fact that I’ve seen miracles being performed in Jesus’ name is proof that Jesus is the real deal. 

Uso, se ua lava ia lena ‘ae talia le mea moni lea ‘ou te fai atu ai, ‘aua o le mea lea ua pogisa ai le lalolagi ‘ona o fa’amatalaga e leai ni fa’amaoniga.



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