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Re: Minister slams door on sex education call

I am sick to death of these over educated people who either, did not know the warning pen by the late, or, had known and completely went against Lemalu Tate Simi encomiums:

“To be a Samoa, educate yourself enough so you may understand the ways of other people. But not too much that you may lose your understanding of your own.”

That of course is what I have found out about this unwanted call by Dr. Asaua Fa’asino. The umami is too hot to taste from a Samoa cultural perspective. Fine for a palagi not a Samoa. As the honourable Minister, says the sex topic is a mother and daughter issue to address.

And then the late Lemalu Tate Simi had said: “Try things palagi; not so you may become a palagi, but you may see the value of things Samoa.

“Learn to speak Samoa, not so you may be seen a Samoa, but you may feel the essence of being Samoa.” 

And above all else of course, the genius late Lemalu Tate Simi once said: “And be aware of what you are, so you may save yourself the agony of those who are asking; Who Am I?”

Good on you honourable Minister Loau Keneti Sio for being stern and honest.


Tofaeono Joe Hollywood 

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