The American election

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Re: American election

Hillary may have committed the perfect crime of espionage - a dropbox with plausible deniability -unknown foreign actors accessed numerous classified documents on her unlawful server. 

Intent is not required in the statute because the focus is harm and to prevent credibility and influence from permitting successful espionage. 

The pay off for Clinton through her guilt-ridden Clinton unethical foundation gobbling 94% of donations and gifting 6% to the needy. 

All of the Clintons living high on the hog while dodging the IRS and laws and standards applied to all others WTF SNAFU FUBAR. 

Hillary instructs her maid to print off highly classified documents - here the instruction, the intent and the crime are all clear yet the FBI can’t even untie their own shoe laces to cross the road to slap her with a wet bus ticket for that slam dunk!

Maua Faleauto 

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