Study the culture first

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Dear Editor,

Re: Why I’m still in Samoa

Oh, Wendy you are still at it…lol. 

Only this time please don’t shut up, keep talking.

But I didn’t see anybody asking you to leave, I only read a suggestion that “If” you are unhappy in Samoa you are welcome to leave. 

I didn’t see any problem with using the “down the toilet” reference to our education system either. Samoa has been celebrating Toilet Day as a holiday, so I think you were ok there. 

You and I don’t often see eye to eye in many things, sometimes especially when it concerning church but not always, I should add to your know not a squat about rugby, add to it the culture so you don’t comment about what you referred to a shaky ground between Malietoa and Christianity. 

Maybe study the culture first before you comment. 

But other than that you are right on. Keep on keeping on.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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