Increased cost of living is a problem

By Aruna Lolani and Fetalai Tuilulu’u ,

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UNHAPPY WITH THE COST OF LIVING: Se Kalolo of Faleatiu and Vaiusu.

UNHAPPY WITH THE COST OF LIVING: Se Kalolo of Faleatiu and Vaiusu. (Photo: Aruna Lolani)

As the cost of living increases, so does the burden on people - a thought expressed by 64 year old Se Kalolo of Faleatiu and Vaiusu.

“The cost of living is a basic cost for every family,” he tells Village Voice.

“You know, we all got to work, not for the cost of living, but to make things easier for us.

“Going to the plantation to get food seems like a lot of hard work but it provides us with our basic needs right?

“It’s work that doesn’t require us to worry about money.”

Mr. Kalolo is a father to eight children and some of them have families of their own now.

“All my children have finished school so they all work now.

“And I’m thankful for that because they are the ones who are by side, helping me with everything I need because my children know exactly how it was for us back then.

“It’s not easy to carry all the work on your shoulders alone; you always need people to support you.”

Mr. Kalolo said he was on his way back from getting taro from his plantation for a feed.

“We don’t always need to eat food from the shops because we all know how the cost of living is at the moment, it’s expensive.

“So might as well save money sometimes and eat what’s growing in the plantations. 

“But I think this is something the government should consider; the cost of living for our own people.

“I mean, I know it’s up to the government to make decisions on how they run this country, but the cost of living is too much for most of our people.

“Look at the situation here; the more it goes up, the more people have to work hard twice as hard to afford what they need.”

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