The different treatment of athletes

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Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. vs Luatuanu’u

If someone did something wrong they deserve fair trial. 

How does this happen when the leader of the country as well as the Minister of Police has broadcast all over the world that the people are dogs? 

I’d opt for a trial by jury. 

It will have to be thrown out for lack of being able to find impartial jury members because of the P.M’s power, bullying and control.

As for his praise on Parker, the P.M. thinks it’s ok to stand with an athlete from N.Z., not from Samoa, give him tons of Samoan tax payer money, talk about how proud he is of him, but when a true Samoan hero wins an Olympic medal she is treated like a dog. 

It must be nice to be close to the P.M but not always so nice to be a Samoan from Samoa.


Wendy Wonder 

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