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Re: Learn from the Chinese, says Minister 

Learn what? Become a direct importer, when locals don’t have the wholesale contacts back in China, I don’t think so.

Sell the cheapest, lowest quality goods that don’t last and are made with ingredients and methods not meeting the standards of our closest business partners, Australia and New Zealand?

I wouldn’t advise that either.

Sell everything at very small margins, so that you drive your neighbours out of business in order for you to grow? 

That is not the Samoan way.

If these Chinese businesses are all so wonderful, why is it that most do not issue proper receipts for V.A.G.S.T, when their success has obviously pushed them over the threshold? 

I think a deep audit is needed of these businesses so the government can make sure their new friends are doing the right thing by the Samoans that voted them into power.

BTW, I spent 30 years in IT distribution, dealing with Chinese, so have just about seen it all, including what they do when they take over the management of an established and successful Australian business. 

It took five years to drive revenues down from A$250m to about A$50m and inevitable bankruptcy.


Kevin Hartin

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