Rate of development in Samoa a worry

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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Fa’aletalaiga Tevaga Launiu of Tuana’i, talks about the high cost of living in Samoa.

Fa’aletalaiga Tevaga Launiu of Tuana’i, talks about the high cost of living in Samoa.

The rate of development these days looks bleak for the disadvantaged families in Samoa. 

Such is the belief of 65-year-old Fa’aletalaiga Tevaga Launiu from Tuana’i.

Mr. Launiu says with new technologies making its way into the country and the cost of living increasing every day, the poor vulnerable families are the ones who will suffer the most. 

“As a result of Samoa’s development, things are not looking well for Samoa and our people because of the high cost of living in Samoa today,” the father of eight shared with the Village Voice team yesterday. 

With today’s tough life and financial demands, Mr. Launiu works the land to help his family. 

Three of his children are overseas and two are in Samoa.

“I still work on my plantation even now so I can help my two children who are working and supporting our family here.

“We are staying with my other two children and the other three are at their own families’ place.

“Only two people work in our family and my job is to help support them with my plantation.”

Mr. Launiu says the arrival of Chinese businesses into Samoa’s shores is good for competition because it can help decrease the cost of goods and services.

“I am glad that there’s competition between the Chinese and local businesses in Samoa because this can helps decrease the cost of living.”

Mr. Launiu added that he hopes there will be no tropical cyclones hitting Samoa.

“We will definitely suffer really badly if there will be a tropical cyclone.

“Natural disasters will cause damage to our plantations it will leave us depending on expensive goods from local shops.”

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