Welshman ticks Samoa off on bucket list

By Ivamere Nataro ,

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Craig Perriam, 26, of Wales enjoys his adventure in Samoa.

Craig Perriam, 26, of Wales enjoys his adventure in Samoa.

Craig Perriam, a 26-year-old Welsh lad, has only been in Samoa for 24 hours and he is already in love with the island. 

And for him, the friendliness and hospitality of the locals have already given him a slice of the island life.

“When I got off the plane yesterday (Tuesday), I met a local guy; he was really friendly, he took me to his family and introduced me to them. It kind of felt like we were one big family,” he shared to the Dear Tourist team. 

We met Craig observing the tatau during the cultural tour at the Samoa Tourism Authority fale.

Coming to Samoa is part of a world trip which the young man had saved really hard for. 

“I mainly travelled to South East Asia and before coming here I was in Australia,” Craig said. 

Turns out that Samoa and Fiji are two Pacific Islands he has on his bucket list of places to visit. 

Why Samoa and Fiji?

“I just felt that these two islands have everything you need to know about the Pacific Island and the best part about them is the people. The people are just mind blowing and friendly. 

“I was in Fiji for three weeks and I loved it, it’s a beautiful place and the people are beautiful and friendly too.” 

And so far, both the Pacific Islands have surpassed his expectations, especially for a first timer. 

Craig is in Samoa for nine days and just a one-day trip to some parts of the island has left him wanting more.

It’s no doubt the next few days will be one filled with more island adventures. 

“Apart from the people, I also like to learn more about the different cultures in places I visit. So that’s why I am here at this tour today (Tuesday).”

Being a lone traveler, Craig says he just wants to experience more of the outside world, places away from home. 

Asked whether he would like to return he said enthusiastically: “Of course I would like to return.

“But first I need to save up again, because I’m pretty sure I am going beyond my budget,” he laughed.

“Maybe go back to Australia, work for a little bit and save up before I go on another world trip.”

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