Happy 10th wedding anniversary, Tim and Donelle Davies!

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi ,

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Donelle and Tim celebrating their tenth anniversary in Samoa.

Donelle and Tim celebrating their tenth anniversary in Samoa.

In Samoa’s only drive through market at Taufusi, Dear Tourist came across Tim and Donelle Davies from Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. 

Tim and Donelle have just popped into Apia town for the day to check out the markets and are on the hunt for a decent cup of coffee.

The couple is here in Samoa to celebrate their tenth anniversary and are appreciating the chance to spend some time together.

“We came for a nice holiday without the children. They’re at home with the grandparents,” said Donelle. 

“It’s our tenth wedding anniversary tomorrow (today). We arrived on Sunday and we have been here for 2 nights. We just came into town for the day but we are actually staying down the coast at Saletoga Sands. It’s a nice area.”

Tim remarked that they have been enjoying the drive around the coast and couldn’t get over how lush it was.

“It’s really lush, lots of greenery here. We drove for about 45 minutes from Saletoga sands over the hill and it was a great drive, it was really nice, no cars on the road.”

Giving the animals the right of way has been an experience that the couple will not be forgetting in a hurry.

It has also been a source of amusement.

“Animals everywhere. We had to stop for a pig and we saw a chicken with her baby chicks on the road. When we arrived at night and we couldn’t see much when we were driving in the dark. But we did have to stop for about 6 sleeping cows in the middle of the road and that was pretty funny. You definitely wouldn’t get that at home. Not a single damn was given by the cows,” laughed Donelle.

One of the highlights was seeing the different types of tropical fish literally at their doorstep.

“The water is beautiful, when we got in we were just swimming and then we realized that there were fish and then we thought oh we better get our googles and snorkels and we did some snorkeling and the fish were amazing,” said Donelle. 

“Lots of tropical fish -straight in, just five meters away from our fale and there were so many fish. It was really beautiful.”

The couple still had a lot of swimming to do with To Sua trench, the Sliding Rocks, and the waterfalls on their agenda for the week and according to Tim, he wished their kids were here to see Samoa for themselves.

“Oh they would have loved it,” he said. “We will definitely bring them back to see Samoa.”

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