Why so paranoid?

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What is it with Ministers having high security cameras in their tiny waiting rooms?

I would understand if the Prime Minister needed one for his office considering he gets to see about a hundred people a day. 

A leader of a nation sure needs high security to check out the good and the bad before letting them in. But Stui isn’t paranoid about anyone seeing him. 

Mind you, why would he be when he has bodyguards and several secretaries that have eyes for those things…right?  

But when certain Ministers who make it mission impossible to get an appointment have big screens in their offices and four cameras in such a small waiting room; it’s just plain ridiculous. 

Who are they hiding from and why?

In another case, one Minister responsible for the country’s economy, you actually need a security card to get in the office to see his secretary for an appointment. 

You can knock on the door all you want but if these guys see you standing outside without a scheduled appointment you will surely be going back home. 

What happens when you don’t have a staff card? 

Well, you stand outside where the lift is to wait until someone comes in or out the room so you can sneak in yourself. 

Save the talk for someone else…next.

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