It’s a movie made in Samoa

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Dear Editor,

Re: This broke my heart

Someone must have paid the poor parents of this kid to offer him an acting job.

The movie agent for this kid who took the picture should be shamed of himself for exploiting this kid to stay awake till midnight when their productions had started too damn late.

The script writers should be ashamed themselves for writing the night scene so late.

This is becoming a problem with all these home made movies crowding the market.

I can only say to this lowlife agent who took the picture to pay their extras well and use some other props for the kids to hold; something more colourful.

Of course only lazy people are poor and hungry in Samoa.

But the good advantage of the street vendors featuring in these home made movies they sure stimulate the country’s economy.

Samoa acting starts off at Lotu Tamaiti and certainly are natural talents for our youngsters when a call comes for actors/actresses for our newly found industry, Samoa made home movies, there they are in the waiting.


Tofaeono Hollywood 

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