Vigilant Apia village

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Dear Editor,

Malo Tuiletufuga. This is a great initiative by the Mayor and men from the village of Apia, to help find the people responsible for a spate of assault on members of the public going about their daily activities.

These unruly people must be caught, and removed from the hub of Samoa, to stop further physical harm meted out to the locals, and most importantly the economic damage caused through negative publicity about Samoa, which had been portrayed in the media worldwide.

Apia is a proud village because of its demographic location and the importance of the name that carries the weight of the nation by virtue as Samoa’s capital city.

The people from the village of Apia are sad about the ugly events that have unfolded, according to Mayor Tuiletufuga, and should remain vigilant twenty four hours to keep Apia safe.

Utumap L.

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