It’s a bogus reason for a tax

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Dear Editor,


Re: In support of chicken tax 

Auimatagi, I respectfully disagree with you on your support on taxes on chicken for “health” reasons.

Straight to the point; this tax on chickens has got nothing to do with “health”, it is the way Stui and his government are looking for more revenue to pay the government debts, or support their expensive lifestyles as we are currently witnessing.

If they are “serious” about a healthy population, taxing them is not the solution. The solution is “EDUCATION”, teach, provide the population with information, set up health seminars, etc to inform the public how to stay healthy.

It is a bogus idea that taxing people will make them stay healthy.

Chicken is the only affordable meat in Samoa, so Stui figured it out this is a good way to earn more money.

Our govt is broke, so Stui taxes the faifeau, Head of State and added more taxes.

I am surprised they have not come up with an excuse that the reason why Stui is taxing faifeau is to make them “healthy.”



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