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YOUNG AT HEART: Some of the women Parliamentarians with members of the under 21 netball squad.

YOUNG AT HEART: Some of the women Parliamentarians with members of the under 21 netball squad.

Parliamentarians from the Pacific region attending the 4th Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnership (P.W.P.P) Forum are not just decision makers in the halls of power.

On the netball courts, they have proven that they can tough it out with the toughest, showing the sort if skills that would impress any avid netball fan. 

Joined by the under 21 Samoa Netball development squad, the women took part in a friendly game of netball on Wednesday.

Speaking to Samoa Observer, Rosemarie Esera, said the outing fit in well with the U.N. celebration of international day of sports, peace and harmony.

Asked about the link of between the women’s role in Parliament and netball, Ms. Esera said they are both about leadership.

“The alignment of women in Parliament and netball is that it can develop women into sports leadership; if you look at Samoa for instance, women hold so many positions of responsibility,” she said.

“There are also various women in leadership sporting who just like Parliamentarians, represent Samoa.

“It is also a pathway for women to demonstrate their managerial, operational and strategic strength.”

The women enjoyed the netball match with many feeling happy to break a sweat after hours of discussions.

“This is a bonding activity so it’s a fun game and I think it’s a good way for members of the forum to be in a different environment. It’s just a friendly game so we will be keeping it light,” Ms. Esera said.

“I would like to put the spotlight on members of the under 21 training squad who are here to help out.

“They just got back from a training camp in Auckland; this is a good opportunity for them to meet the other ladies that are in power.”

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