Teen hunts for job so he can help family

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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Meet Sefo Fulisia from the village of Levi Saleimoa.

The 18-year-old left school in Year 12 because of financial struggles. 

And now he is desperate for a job. 

Mr. Fulisia lives in a home of nine people and only two people work. 

Yesterday, he shared with the Village Voice team that to be able to support his family will lighten the burden on his father and older brother’s shoulders. 

Mr. Fulisia says having only two people work in his family is a struggle. 

“There are nine people in my family. I have four siblings and I also have some of my cousins living with us. My father works at Vaimoso and my brother works at a radio station.

“Even though they are working, their earnings are not enough for my family because I have two siblings who attend school and then we also have bills to pay,” he said.

Mr. Fulisia says he used to attend Levaula College.

“I still want to go back to school and complete my studies, but I cannot do anything about it. I am still waiting. I stopped going to school when I was in Year 12.

“The cost of living has become expensive. We do not have enough money for me to be able to finish off with school. There are too many of us and there are only two people who work in my family,” he explained.

He says he has two siblings who now have spouses and they live together under the same roof.

In the meantime, the young lad supports his family by working on their plantation.

“I usually sell everything that I grow on my family’s land such as yams and bananas. The prices which I sell it for would be $5 for the banana and $10 yam. 

“This is my other way of being useful and helping my family.”

He is certain that it is challenging to work in the sun, but he does it for his family’s sake. 

“Getting any available job would be good as long as I could help my family.” 

For anyone willing to help Mr. Fulisia, contact the number 7256939.

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