Advice for the Commissioner

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Dear Editor,

To Commissioner Keil. Politely listen to those voicing their concerns and displeasure about your comments and then go about the business you were hired to do. 

Those who are calling for your apology, I find rich, because they should be focusing and highlighting the most pressing issues in Samoa.

I’m referring to the corruption in the government, poverty in all of Samoa and Sex Offenders who are allowed by the Courts to get away with light sentences. They should speak loud and with anger. 

But to spend even a second to request an apology from you is beyond absurd.. oka, oka!

wish you well in your journey because if this is how petty people are with everything you say....hold on to your underwear because these people have lost their minds. 

I can only imagine what else they'll be complaining about when you decide to start firing people, some who are probably relatives? 


Stella M

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