To my beloved grandma-ma

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Lauiliu Mataeliga

You awaited me at birth, I was told,

My arrival brought laughter to your soul.

You then held me next to your heart,

The comfort I felt warmed my blood.


You raised and nurtured me well,

Lifted me up whenever I fell.

Our daily routine – the 24/7 sessions,

If I don’t comply I’ll get a hiding to learn my lesson.


Your personality, Oh! How can I forget?

Loved by many and adored by the rest.

Your characteristics, talents and many duties to play,

Is what I admire you most and will forever embrace.


Thank you for everything you have done,

I’ll cherish our memories, despite your loss.

I wish you were here,

To tell you that those lessons were worth it,

And whisper to your ear,

“I love you, you’re my inspiration”.


I’m sorry if I sometimes failed you,

Please forgive me if I was ungrateful.

Tulou lava, Finagalo malie, Faamolemole, Faafetai - are the terms to remember,

“You must be polite and decent always and forever”.


As we depart our ways,

I am thrilled to say,

My journey with you was a fruitful one,

Go in peace and love,

Have a safe journey above

I promise to carry your name with proud,

Try my best to follow your footprints, 

How’s that sound?


From here on, I bid you farewell,

Goodbye my Rose as the England man tells.

As you reached your destination’s end,

I prayed that may we meet again.

Be my shining star,

Looking down from above,



With all my love, 

Your precious little one.

Lauiliu Mataeliga

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