Are you kidding me?

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Dear Editor,

I read with horror the story about the teacher sexually assaulting the young boy. The story says that the Court took time off for his “good character?” 

Are you kidding? Tell me that was a joke. 

He secually abused a 10 year old child! What part of “abused” does this court not understand!

This is a child! A child who was absolutely defenseless from this adult. Where was his good character then?

I believe in second chances. 

But it’s hard to even entertain giving someone like this a second chance or to even rehabilitate. The time to think about your family and feeding them, is before you abused this child!

Sexual abuse of defenseless children is such a deviant, ugly, horrible and unforgiving crime. They should have the death penalty for these monsters and be put to death immediately after their crime. Don’t even waste jail space on them.

He wants to go on with “his” life with “his” family...what about the abused child?

Your *******  traditional apology means squat to this child. 

And who gives a crap about your Pastor and Village Mayor? 

What are THEY going to do for this child? It’s all about the perpetrator and the child is hidden in the background. What a farce!


Stella M

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