Samoa: Cultural friendly destination with charm

By Anina Kazaz ,

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Graham and Lynne Kole from Sydney are enjoying the wonderful view and the big pool.

Graham and Lynne Kole from Sydney are enjoying the wonderful view and the big pool.

Lynne and Graham Kole arrived in Samoa from Sydney, Australia, yesterday morning.

They have been married for 51 years and are in Samoa for a holiday.

Their three children have all been to Samoa before, but this time Lynne and Graham, wanted time for themselves, all because of their children’s recommendations. 

“We drove through different villages on our way from the airport. It is amazing how many churches you can find here,” Lynne said.

“I like to stop in the middle of the street and talk to someone. When you go down the streets and the little villages, you get a feeling of how the life here really looks like. 

“I was asking for example a local what it is about these cemeteries everywhere and he explained to me about the village chiefs and that was interesting. 

“I really love tradition and learning more about it. Everywhere I go I like to find out more about the culture, this is an important part of visiting a country for me.

“I had some lovely conversation with a young Samoan receptionist over there. She took us around and showed us some lovely places. She talked about the traditional tattoos, which the men and women have. That was fascinating.

“We saw a deal on the internet with lucky escapes and one of them was a trip to Samoa. It is not Bali or Fiji, which we are avoiding. We do not like the fast and over commercialised places,” Lynne shared with Dear Tourist.

The most advertised countries in Australia are Bali, Fiji and New Caledonia, which is one reason they are not attracted to these places.

“For us to do a tour in Australia is more expensive than coming to Samoa,” Graham said. 

The people are what the couple enjoys the most about the islands. 

“They are lovely, friendly, they say hello even if they do not have to. They do more than the job expected of them and they go the next step,” Lynne said.

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