Samoa getting hit from both sides

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Dear Editor,

Re: S.N.P.F silent on lending queries 

The following quote is shocking: “The woman claimed the S.N.P.F has recently lent “millions” to a Chinese businessman who won a major contract with the government to run the Vaitele Market.”

If this is true then this is very worrisome sign for the people of Samoa.

It is what you call a “double whammy” or “getting hit from both sides.”

So the government borrows millions from the bank using Samoans and their future and the lands as collateral to pay for the Vaitele Market.

 Then the Chinese businessman borrows millions from the Savings of Samoans (S.N.P.F.) to pay for the Vaitele Market.

So Samoans get hit on the face by the government and the back of the head by the Chinese businessman. 

Who is the idiot here?


Keith Alderson

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