Driven by love and care

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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Lomani Futialo, a hard working father.

Lomani Futialo, a hard working father.

A father’s love for his family is the purpose of all his hardwork. 

A 42-year-old father, Lomani Futialo, from the village of Lotoso’a in Sale’imoa says through love, we can overcome any obstacle in life.

Mr. Futialo is a father of five young children and he supports them with whatever he is able to earn from his plantation.

He used to be employed, but decided to stop because his salary was not enough.

“I used to work, but I was not making that much money and my transportation cost was more than what I earned,” he said.

“So from then on, I decided to stop working, but start working the land and our plantation to support us.”

“So right now this is my job and this is what I do now to support my family, especially my children.”

“My plantation also provides us with money.”

Mr. Futialo was on his way back home from his plantation when the Village Voice team met him yesterday afternoon.

“We all know that Samoa is progressing in terms of living and the cost of everything is increasing as well,” he shared.

“My wife and I have started a small business in the village to assist our family.”

“Life nowadays is really hard and you will have to find any way possible to find money, so we are selling pork buns here in our village as well as our primary school.”

Mr. Futialo says his love for his children is the reason he works hard.

“I really love my children and I really don’t want to see them not going to school because we can’t afford it.”

“So my wife and I are doing everything we can to ensure our kids are happy as well as our family.”

Mr. Futialo added sometimes he gets tired and sick, but his children keeps him going.

“I sometimes feel sick because of the work we do, but if I don’t work my kids will not be in school or will not have something to eat.”

“I also believe that we don’t have to stop our children from school if we don’t afford it, we have to work hard and show them how much we love them.”

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