Hidden treasures can be unearthed through hard work

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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HARDWOKING FATHER: Komisi Sami finds blessings in the land.

HARDWOKING FATHER: Komisi Sami finds blessings in the land.

There are hidden treasures in our land, but we must work hard to find them.

Komisi Sami, 52, from Saleimoa knows this.

The unemployed father of one says people can earn a living from the land, but people choose to be lazy.

He shared to the Village Voice team yesterday that we make use of the land by planting and growing our crops and in return what we harvest will benefit us.

“People not working is the main cause of poverty. If you are not working in any organization to earn a living, then at least work the land and don’t sit around. It saves a lot of money if people work the land as well,” he said.

Mr. Sami says carelessness is another cause of family poverty. 

“I have nothing to worry about including my water bill; it is not like you have to pay it every month. Sometimes the water bill that I have to pay for would only just be $3.00 a month. It is the overuse of the things we have which is the cause of daily struggle.” 

“Being irresponsible is another problem, for example, knowing that the tap water is leaking or certain problems that will eventually cost you later on are one of them,” he added.

He mentioned that he lives alone while his wife at Nofoalii and sometimes his son and his two grandchildren would visit them.

Mr. Sami says he earns a living from working the land and for him to receive $40 a day is more than enough for the whole week.

“I do not need to buy vegetables to make a meal. I just get chicken or a can of sardines from the shop. That is the only thing I spend my money on because I have cucumbers, cabbages at home, so there is no need to spend any more money.” 

“I see coconuts, avocadoes, bananas or a sack of papaya. Whatever that I could possibly grow on my land is what I will sell in front of Farmer Joe to earn money on a daily basis.”

He says the reason he is still healthy and strong is because he does not force anything, if he feels that the sun is too hot for him to work the land then he would stay indoors and clean the house.

Life is not complicated and hard, he said, it is people who make wrong decisions in life.

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