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Dear Editor,

• Funny to realise some very nice people attack by Ghost bloggers.

• Yummy when you’re enjoying a cup of tea with pie and somebody you know very well is mentioned blamed by G/Bloggers.

• Useful to Government especially the Prime Minister to know what his Ministers, M.P’s, and Government employees are up to as mentioned by G/Bloggers.

• Hateful if the accusations are found truthful.

• Helpful to assist the running of a more democratic government.

• Interesting to know people who are dishonest in their duties and responsibilities.

• Good, Bad and the Ugly is the movie in the in 1970’s in which actor Clint Eastwood became very famous in brining justice in getting rid of the bad and ugly and the Good was the Survivor.

My point is that Ghost bloggers have a significant part to play in good governance for P.M. and the Government to look at their accusations and make investigations for those involved in such accusations, some are extremely serious. 

Samoa is a small place and Paradise but it needs people with good hearts and judgments to make it a better place to live. 




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