What the Government is really afraid of

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Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. embroiled in cyber space war

How many in Samoa know that the P.M. is a big fish in a small pond? 

How many in Samoa know that the P.M. has put himself in his position of power without a single Samoan voting for him? 

How many in Samoa know that once the government got hold of Samoa’s Treasury they used all of Samoa’s money to make sure that they maintain power for as long as he wants to hold it?

How many in Samoa know that the government is addictive to Power and Money? 

How many of the young generation of Samoa have experienced what it is like to have a better leader? 

How many in Samoa know that the P.M. has outsmarted nearly every Samoan for a very long time? 

Guess what? 

Only a few Samoans (and foreigners) can see through the P.M’s appearance of power and that is why the P.M. is afraid of them. 

The P.M. is afraid of intelligent Samoans exposing who he really is and what he is really doing to the country of Samoa.

Only the intelligent Samoans (using intuition which is a gift from God) know what the P.M. is really doing to Samoa and its poor people.

Yes many government workers are getting paid every week. 

But do they know that time is running out for all of them because the Samoan Treasury has been running on empty for a long time now.

How many in Samoa know that the government is going to get $0 from the Church ministers? 

The only way the government can pay back the government debt is by drawing money from other organizations and transferring money from other government projects (for example $140M Airport.)

And these money being siphoned from other projects is not enough to pay back the government loan so the other alternative is to create bigger and more bolder but very useless projects.

Yes! The government is afraid of people who truly know what they are really up to. Unfortunately for many Samoans they are stuck in a small pond and cannot escape and are also afraid of the big fish.


Siaosi Siomia

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