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Re: M.P. calls for urgent action 

Laws, laws, laws, same old song. When was the last time the government created new jobs for the country other than bringing in Asian immigrants to take over space and alienate our local resources just for a convenient buck? 

Do you really think these parents enjoy sending their kids to the streets? 

Last I heard, Yazaki had been the only major employer that has been taking advantage of our minimum wage while providing jobs for the people on a larger scale; and that’s decades ago. 

Taking these kids off the streets just adds more workload to our underpaid Police. These kids can’t leave the streets unless you give their parents options to choose from, and I mean more jobs that fit their capacity. 

You do that first; then talk about making and enforcing new laws; otherwise your strategy is just band-aids and panadols.


J. Tuunasoli

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