No one is perfect

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Re: Don’t confuse the two 

I do not confuse Christianity with Jesus Christ. 

I used to be a devout Catholic, when I left the church and people asked me why, I responded with an Elvis statement, I said, “because Jesus has left the building”. I still don’t support Trump and the goal to save capitalism, though. 

These are two different issues. I also think Jesus was a pretty cool guy and probably a believer in social justice, like myself. 

I don’t think capitalism can bring social justice to the poor. It hasn’t so far and I think it’s pretty much done. 

So in that regard, in my opinion, it has failed. We agree on many things, Steve, but not all. That’s ok, by me. Bernie’s an independent you know. Other than his supportive votes in favor of Israeli’s occupation of the Palestinians, I like Bernie. No one is perfect.



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