Elei maker actively seeking better opportunities

By Talimalie Uta ,

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ELEI MAKER AND FARMER: Ioane Aumua looking for a more stable and  permanent job.

ELEI MAKER AND FARMER: Ioane Aumua looking for a more stable and permanent job.

Ioane Aumua dedicates his life to looking after his family.

His priority is taking care of his parents and siblings. 

The 23-year-old works to print elei and other materials to sell. 

But he is actively looking for better paying opportunities.

 “I’m from a family of ten but there are only three of us who are employed at the moment,” he said. 

“The money that we are earning from our pay does not meet all the needs and obligations of our family.” 

“So for that reason, I’m still looking for other job opportunities.” 

“I am young and active and I value the importance of honesty and hard work.”

The Village Voice caught up with Ioane yesterday while he was on his way home from work. 

He was carrying with him a shopping bag of food for his family. 

Aside from his elei work, this young man is also a farmer.

“I work really hard to provide what I can for my family,” he said.

“While it is true that the plantation can provide earning for families nowadays almost all families in Samoa have plantations,” he said.

“This is why I am actively seeking another job.”

“I prefer a stable job that I know will help me look after my family.”

Ioane accepts that life these days is extremely hard and the cost of living is tough.

But he says people need to adapt and adjust if they are going to be able to cope with it.

“It’s just the way it is,” he said. “You either sink or swim. For me, I prefer to work hard so that I can swim and help my family stay afloat.”

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