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Dear Editor,

Re: Is it possible to have a Parliament without a Government?

Gatoaitele Savea Sano Malifa, I commend you for your persistence. 

It appears that it might be the only way to bring out the truth. By consistently pointing it out, writing about it and bringing it to light.

My question is, if the P.M. doesn’t abide by the Constitution, isn’t he breaking the law? If this is the case, can charges be brought against him? 

And possibly be thrown out of office. 

I’m not completely clear on the Parliamentary system.

What the P.M. is doing, by blatantly ignoring the Constitution, is criminal. 

There has to be some type of repercussion for his actions. 

You and the Samoa Observer know the answer to this...more so than any of us who frequent the “commentary” sections.


Stella M.

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