Pastors are also citizens

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Dear Editor

Re: Samoa Founded on Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi of Lepa?

Pretty sure at least one HRPP MP voted against the tax the pastors (and HOS) bill. Could be others.


1. The "christian state" constitutional amendment really means that all state functions will be done in the christian religion.

For example, state funerals and all formal state occasions.

Legally, someone could in theory have sued the government in future about the separation of church and state in school and on state occasions and they might have won if the "christian" thing was only in the preamble.

So just to be sure, the amendment was put in the body of the constitution.

That is now water-tight. Nobody can sue and hope to win now.

2. Pastors are not a protected species.

They are citizens who serve a very important role in Samoan society but they are still only citizens who use the roads, the schools, the hospitals etc.


PS Jeffery

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