Seeking the different, the new

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Dear Editor

Re: Photo gets Samoa tourism noticed

Very good ad. More new and fresh faces. More of these ads/photos please to promote Samoa.

Most tourists want to experience something different and new. Not the same old experiences offered everywhere else. Samoa does offer unique experiences such as:

(1) Slower pace of life compared to city life. This makes the tourist appreciate life and question what is important in life 

(2) Organic food and nature living - umu, plants and vegetation, fresh air, ava  samoa, koko samoa, etc. 

(3) Unique bus ride experience also the full buses. 

(4) Beautiful and friendly people 

(5) Sandy and clean beaches 

(6) Unique Fale Samoa 

(7) Not many other tourists around. 

(8) Spiritual/Nature experiences and many more experiences.


Keith Alderson

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