How about you listen to the voice of those poor people?

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Dear Editor,

The amount of poverty in Samoa shown daily by the Samoa Observer team should send warning alarm bells to our government. 

Unfortunately for the poor Samoans the P.M. and his Ministers are too busy fighting amongst themselves and too busy with other things.

You read daily of poor Samoans desperately crying out for water and electricity but the P.M. and his ministers are not in government to serve the people of Samoa but to do their own thing.

Let me whisper to the P.M.’s ear and say stop listening to “divine whispers” and start opening your eyes/ears and look/listen to the cry for help of those poor Samoans standing on holy ground.

Let me remind you P.M. that when you die the only people in heaven that will save you from hell are those you have ignored and not helped in Samoa.


Siaosi S.

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