Dodgy dealers and cooperative police

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So the P show continues on while we are all sidetracked with other more visible and pressing matters such as domestic and sexual abuse and theft.

And we’re not talking about P for Pageant (Bluesky Miss Samoa) at the Teuila Festival.

It’s the very lucrative and local sales of methamphetamine.

Like the elephant in the room, everyone tries to ignore it.

According to a source close to the dealers there are some police officers, for whom a 100 tala note or less ensures silence, compliance and a heads up when P matters come up.

How to stop it?

A small, dedicated and trained team to tackle the scourge that ruins people’s lives (read recent accounts by addicts) and better border controls – airport, wharf and Post Office would be a start. 

Then penalties by the judiciary that fit the crime.

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