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Dear Editor

Re: Duality and karma 

Just so my comments don’t get misconstrued, the word karma is a sanskrit word which simply means action. 

Duality is two sides like evil and good. Democrats versus republicans or black and white. The purpose of my reply to the seeking new god comments by Wendy in Wonder was just to let her know that Samoa is a Christian nation and I might be the only Buddhist. 

I’m not here to promote Buddhism or dissuade Christians, Bahai people or Catholics of what their faith is. 

We all might make different amounts of money, have different beliefs, sexual preferences or even have social status but it can never take what we already are. Human Beings. 

To some we’re sinners, to others they don’t believe in a god so that takes away a big amount of burden of worrying about an afterlife where god punishes some and rewards others. I won’t get into a theological debate about this but I’m at peace with who I am and who you are. Alofa atu.


Michael Uhila 

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