Prison warden sets the record straight

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Taitosaua Edward Winterstein.

Taitosaua Edward Winterstein.

PR - Reports that infamous prisoner Lauititi Tualima is again at large have been dismissed by Tafaigata Prison Warden, Taitosaua Edward Winterstein.

“Lauititi remains under lock and key and in isolation,” said Taitosua.

“He (Lauititi) wanted to be put in isolation from the general prisoner population because he feared for his safety.

“He also knows that to leave the prison compound would compromise his safety due to his actions that has humiliated every Samoan.

Taitosaua also dismissed recent media reports that Lauititi when he was last captured after escaping for the third time was attacked by an inmate with a pair of scissors.

“It was not Lauititi that was wounded but another inmate.

“That incident left the wounded prisoner with a superficial injury to his arm and he has since recovered.

“And we have also dealt with the offender appropriately.”

Lauititi, 23 years old of Satapuala and Luatuanuu, in the meantime has pleaded guilty to the rape and attack on the Australian couple Angie Jackson and Tommy Williams.

He was charged with 3 counts of sexual assault, 1 unlawful entry, 1 of robbery, 1 of threatening to kill, and 1 of armed with a dangerous weapon.

He originally pleaded not guilty to the sexual charges, but when the matter was called in February 2016 for hearing, he changed his plea to guilty.

During the court proceeding, the prosecution had requested the Court for a 20 year starting point for sentence on the 3 counts of sexual assault leaving the other offences to the discretion of the court. The Court will sentence him on August 16th.

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