Positive attitude coupled with hard work

By Aruna Lolani and Fetalai Tuilulu’u ,

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STRONG WOMAN, STRONGER MOTHER: Moega Magaia with her daughter.

STRONG WOMAN, STRONGER MOTHER: Moega Magaia with her daughter. (Photo: Misiona Simo)

Being a mother makes you realise you can do almost anything, believes Moega Magaia of Fasito’o.

Aged 43, she has come a long way, doing the best she can for her children. 

Moega is a mother to 12 children which she admits, is nothing hard for her because she has many years of experience with handling every one of them.

Moega was cleaning out her plantation with one of her children when Village Voice spotted her.

“I know people think having 12 kids seems like a lot of work and it is but I’m a tough mother who can handle anything,” she says to the Village Voice.

“I have my husband to help out when I need help as well as my eldest daughter who’s now working at the Faleolo airport.”

Moega’s eldest daughter is 23 years old and happily married to a man who also works at the airport.

“My husband and I are farmers We plant cabbages, cucumbers, pumpkins and we even have another plantation up on the mountain.”

Moega’s plantation of cabbages.
Moega’s plantation of cabbages.

“That’s a blessing to us and I’m thankful.”

“So that’s our source of income and when we get the money, we always try to put our children’s education first.”

“I still have four little ones attending Fasito’o-Uta Primary school so that’s our main priority.”

“I’m not going to lie saying that every day is a good day because it’s not.”

“School is not free here so we always have to do the best that we can for our children right?”

“There are days when we barely earn money but we always know the next day is going to be a brighter day.”

“That’s why we should never give up when we struggle because it’s only a challenge.”

“And I know we all go through that sometimes, you have just got to have the will to survive.”

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