Government and that new helicopter company

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Dear Editor,


Re: Govt. embraces helicopter company 

The decision to move the copter from Tonga to Samoa due to the “High” Aviation Standards of Tonga is very troubling.

Basically the consultant is saying there are “No” regulations to follow in Samoa. Aviation Standards in Samoa is subpar to that of our neighbouring island.

With the approval of this operation, are there any required inspections per week or per flight performed? 

Who pays for the maintenance of these helicopters? 

Who prioritized the need if there is an ongoing tour versus a rescue? 

Is it the government or the company?

The P.M signed into the Global Warming Treaty but now he has authorized the use of a gas guzzling machine that will spew toxic remnants everytime it gets in the air. 

Who/What will rescue one of these if it goes down in the mountain? 

Samoa is not equipped with any type of rescue gear for this type of rescue operations in the future. 

I also noticed that the two helicopters are not equipped with any rescue baskets. Which means rescue is secondary for these birds.

These are the type of helicopters that C.E.O in America use to travel from their lavish home to the office without sitting in traffic. I can see the H.R.P.P especially the P.M using these helicopters to fly to Savai’i to visit families or tour the island just because they can with all their money. 

Are they necessary? That’s the real question. And who is paying by the way?


T. Samatua

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