Water issues make life difficult for family

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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Andrew and his daughter in front of their home.

Andrew and his daughter in front of their home. (Photo: Nefertiti Matatia)

Andrew Ailima of Faleasi’u can face most challenges but the lack of running water is one he is increasingly becoming frustrated about.

The 36-year-old is certain that life has become costly and he understands that.

But to live without water most days because the tap does not run makes him sad.  

 “The only problem that we are facing is the shortage of water,” he said. 

“Usually when the tap goes off, it takes a whole a week and sometimes almost two weeks for it to come back on.

“It is only when people start calling the Samoa Water Authority that is when it would come on.”

Mr. Ailima said his family is not the only ones who struggle with the issue.

Which is the reason they are looking for a water tank.

Mr. Ailima told the Village Voice he is the only one that works in his family.

He said his main priority is his family. He wants them to have a comfortable life.

“I am currently on sick leave for two weeks since I am not fit for work. 

“We have been living here for four years now. We used to be in Savai’i but we have moved here to my wife’s family.

“We live together with my wife, three children and their grandmother and one thing that I have learnt is that if people do not work they will definitely struggle in life as well as their families.”

He cited that his goal is to ensure his children achieve the best with their education. He wants them to be successful and comfortable.

In the meantime, he is calling on the authorities to please consider their water situation.

He will also welcome assistance from anyone who could offer them a water tank. For anyone eager to help, contact 7667142.

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