What Cyber attack?

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Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. wages war on cyber crime

I laughed at this’cyber attack.’ article. What cyber attack? 

Who would want to put a cyber attack on Samoa when the nation has no money and gone broke under H.R.P.P and P.M.Tuilaepa’s leadership? 

The pornography found on some of government member’s computers are from their own.

Here in Samoa, even though there’s a computer in the office, all the work is still done manually. 

If you go to any govt ministry/office to get a signed document/papers, you will have to wait all day or up to three days because they don’t have a system nor do they know how to implement or operate a computer for the paper work. 

Uamaualoa le makamaka porno ku’ua’iloai le cyber attack - leikioa a moe vaivai kama sese ia pe a fai fogo.



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