Yes please, wake up Samoa!

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Dear Editor,

Re: Obesity is ugly, wake up Samoa!

Samoans are very respectful of their elders and are good at following their leaders.

However, when the leaders are obese, unhealthy and corrupt, this is the example that is set for Samoans to follow.

I wonder what the average weight of the Cabinet is? For sure the P.M. is carrying a bit of extra weight, which probably contributes to his health issues that require occasional trips to N.Z. for treatment.

Go-to a Samoan hospital and the majority of staff are overweight and an obvious bad example for sick people to follow. 

Those responsible for our heath should be held to a higher standard with respect to setting an example for diet, exercise and general healthy living.

Corruption leads to allowing the new Chinese import sub standard goods that add to the health problems of the Samoan people and set up businesses that are supposed to be reserved for Samoan citizens so they can peddle their poisons to those not smart enough to realise they are being exploited at the cost of their families health.

Pulling on some Lyra and taking a leisurely walk along the seawall does not constitute exercise, especially when it’s followed by a double size meal of snacks that hold little or no nutritional value.

Wake up Samoa, get your act together for the sake of those you love!



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