Language and maths programme lifts skills

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SAVAII: Sapapalii Primary School,

SAVAII: Sapapalii Primary School,

For the past two weeks, pupils from primary and secondary schools around the country have gathered at host schools for their respective zones.

The reason? 

To participate in the literacy and numeracy programme administered and coordinated by the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (M.E.S.C.) 

At each zone, there was good representation of the community with participation of village members, particularly parents.  With the targeted inclusion of numeracy in the activities, students also had an opportunity to try out their mathematical skills in competition with students from other schools. 

Some of the highlights from the zones included the following: 

SAVAII - Gautavai Primary School: Miss Samoa, Ariana Taufao reading to pupils.
SAVAII - Gautavai Primary School: Miss Samoa, Ariana Taufao reading to pupils.

 Young children in Year 1 or 2 acting as their favourite book characters and responding to an interview;   Impromptu speeches especially the Year 8 students who impressed the judges with their abilities to think quickly and deliver a speech coherently in Samoan; 

 Quartets and dramas from the colleges that participated attracted a lot of interest; 

 Maths Bees and Mental Maths for both primary and secondary were highly enjoyable by the participants and audiences at all the zones 

 Big Books were developed for early primary readers by Year 5 students from selected schools; 

Overall, the programme at the zones was a great learning experience not only for the students who participated in the various activities, but also for the teachers and parents in the audience during the performances of the drama, quartets and impromptu speeches.

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