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Faamuamua Daisy Tauaanae

A night of hope

A cool breeze 

Lingering with your smell

Have me dreaming

Tucking under the sheet

Hugging my pillow 

Above the air, I’m floating

Clouds blinding my eyes

Across the horizon, I’m flying

Warmth hugging me close

Feels like you’re with me

Embracing one another

Sadly in my dream.


Every night,

There’s always a dream

It warms my heart

Since it’s always about you

Different scenarios

Emotion is going strong

Love has become my best friend

Smile has become my habit

Lovey dovey goosebumps sweep all over me

Caressing and teasing my nerves

My ideal love life

If only reality don’t “kick me on the face!”

Imagination vanishes

Goodbye my dear dream

Till next time...

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