Working hard for family of twenty

By Aruna Lolani and Fetalai Tuilulu’u ,

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GOING HARD: Junior Levi from the village of Lele’a Luatuanu’u.

GOING HARD: Junior Levi from the village of Lele’a Luatuanu’u. (Photo: Fetalai Tuiluluu)

You have to work to make life easier.

That is the simple opinion of 28-year-old Junior Levi from Lele’a Luatuanu’u.

Speaking to the Village Voice, Junior said he just got back from fetching what he needs for their umu for Sunday.

He works at Falefa Resort and he’s using his public holidays to do something useful for his family of twenty people.

“I work a lot so whenever I get days to be off from work then I try my best to cook and do other chores for my family,” he said.

“I have a big family but you know, in the Samoan life that’s normal."

“Unfortunately, I’m the only one that works so it’s not easy trying to feed a family of 20 but I still try my best."

He went on to say “For me, Independence week is always a good time for me because it reminds me of our roots."

“So that’s why I’m happy to always do little things like this for my family because it’s all part of the Samoan culture that we’re celebrating."

Junior said he’s a hardworking person and he’s not the type to give up easily.

“Growing up in a family of 20 people, it was challenging because before, none of us worked." 

“My family has plantations to depend on for everything so that’s why most of my other siblings, they chose to stay and take care of other things at home."

“They’re used to that life and I’m fine with that."

“So when I got a job and started working, it just became even more challenging because I felt the pressure was all on me."

“But I tried to go by each day and strive with the thought that the only way to deal with the expensive cost of living, is to work hard."

“That’s why I work and why I value the working life. The money helps with a lot of things that my family needs.”

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