Hidden agenda and customary lands

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Dear Editor,

Re: Asau Harbour Development

Was that the reason why every family in Asau was given a car not too long ago to pacify them in agreement to mortgage their land to the Chinese for business investments and others? 

It is not a coincidence that the funding of the wharf is now secured by the Chinese. 

Whoever the Sa’o that is responsible for this injustice by not explaining the down side of mortgaging Customary land to the village people will some day face the justice of the Samoan saying; “O Samoa ole atunu’u mamala.” 

You will someday come to realize that you have been shafted by those that mislead you in believing that that is a good deal for you and your family. 

But in point of fact, it’s the demise of your future generations to come. 

The Torrens System is evil and has never been fully vetted by the govt. because there is a hidden agenda in it. 

And that hidden agenda is that your customary land is now registered under the government and they can use it as a financial instrument and leverage to attract more funding from the International Banking Cartels to carry out massive developments that’s going on in Samoa today. 

Just a thought from someone that cares about “Aiga ma Salafai.” And has ties to that land too.


Leituala Roger B.

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