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Re: Do you support the church’s decision?

I agree. Silly decisions make things worse. Just to remember Toa and her father not the author of the story, Jesus the LORD standing behind the scene. 

Forget about your man made church. You cannot worship your church for no God, which mean the CCCS church doesn’t make sense to all their followers in Samoa. 

It is not about you whatever kofiga faa-aikuala ole puaa oe iai. The message from God the LORD is the most important thing. So banning this innocent Faifeau from being a faifeau EFKS, it is something against God and His message to Toaipuapuaga and her family.

Do you know oukou Samoa. O pisigisi uma loku gei. Kakou o ile Katoliko. I research and pray to the Lord to show me the truth. Catholic is superior church and one true church. That is from my dream.

E. Gutu

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