Nightclubs take full brunt of ban

By Vatapuia Maiava ,

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Common sense might have prevailed with the Liquor Board clarifying its General Elections alcohol ban but not everyone is happy.

A nightclub owner yesterday said he feels that they have been unfairly targeted when the ban came into effect last night until tomorrow. 

Jordan Chewlit of Ace of Clubs said it was a disappointing situation.

“Our business strives from the sale of alcohol, and it is the livelihood of our club,” Mr. Chewlit said.

“Usually we have a small window in which opening our clubs would be profitable every week and the government is taking away those few nights.”

Mr. Chewlit’s concerns come from his business losing lots of money.

“The only thing that will be happening for business is that we will be losing money,” Mr. Chewlit said.

“We still have to pay our workers their full wages and no money is coming in so our business will just continue to lose money.”

“Not only do our clubs have to close at 12am every night but now we can’t open at all.”

Mr. Chewlit cannot make sense of the fact that the clubs have to close even on Friday night when the voting finishes in the afternoon.

 “The government should at least compensate for the money that will be lost during this ban.”

On Tuesday, the Secretary of the Liquor Board, Solia Tanuvasa Kalolo, reminded that the ban is not new in times of elections and it is done mainly for the safety of members of the public.

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