Numera shares his desire to help his mother

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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SEEKING EMPLOYMENT TO HELP FAMILY: 21-year-old Numera Leilua, of Samatau.

SEEKING EMPLOYMENT TO HELP FAMILY: 21-year-old Numera Leilua, of Samatau.

In this life, everyone has wishes and dreams.

For 21-year-old Numera Leilua, of Samatau, he has many.

But his biggest dream is to get a job so he can help his family.

Speaking to the Village Voice yesterday, he said he has been sending out job applications and is waiting for a positive outcome.

“I graduated from the National University of Samoa in 2016 and I am still searching for a job,” he said. 

“I took cookery but I ended up becoming a waiter at Le Vasa Resort for six months last year. So I am a bit rusty at cooking now.”

Mr. Leilua shared that there is only one person that works to support their family of seven people. That is his mother.

He has three other siblings who are still in school.

“There are so many things to do but there is only one person that is working in my family. My mother works at the Faleolo Airport.”

“She gets paid every fortnight but it is not enough. With school commencing once again, I have a sister who is at university and another sibling at college.”

He said his sister’s enrolment costs a lot of money.

When it comes to food and their daily sustenance, Mr. Leilua said they are okay.

“Samoa today and the lifestyle is very expensive. So much development that has been made but it will cost not only the government something but the people as well.”

Mr. Leilua is certain that having a job he will be able to help his mother with supporting their family. He is also not ruling out returning to further his studies.

But not now.

His priority is to help his mother.

“Going back to school to do my bachelors will definitely be a boost to me since I will be able to get a stable job and be in a position to provide my family with anything that they need,” he said.

In the meantime, he said he does his best at home.

“My father is a chief and whenever there are certain events which occur in our village, I always prioritise my father and what he needs.”

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