Disciplinary action required

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Dear Editor,

I write in response to your story titled “Land and Titles Court President Investigated.”

I find this totally unacceptable and unethical for a judge holding such a high status in the judicial system in Samoa. 

Reading from the above article in the Samoa Observer on Wednesday 31st 2018, this judge in a “party” for the judges over the festive season last year stuck a worker on the head using a glass bottle. 

I can’t believe it that a judge and a lawyer himself do not even know that using a glass bottle to attack someone is a dangerous weapon.

He should have been locked up in the cell immediately. Whoever the judges and other officials present at that party where this incident occurred should have taken responsible actions by calling the police immediately to take this judge away and lock him up. 

Instead, it looked as though they turned a blind eye to what happened until the victim went to the hospital when he felt the pain which led to the doctor’s discovery of some broken glass on his head hence the report to police for an investigation.

The police should dig deep into this investigation calling up all the judges present at this “party” as witnesses to ensure that this president of the L.T.C. be properly dealt.

In the meantime, by way of this letter, in my opinion, this judge should be suspended until his Court case is finished. Though I don’t make the decision, but the severity of this case has warranted an immediate disciplinary decision by the Judicial Committee. 

He should be removed as he is unfit to preside over land and title court cases. He has brought disrepute and malice to Samoa’s judicial system.

Last but not least, I call on all law-abiding citizens of this country to please write a letter to the editor asking for removal of the President of the LTC following his alleged misconduct.


Onapa Torya McLi’i

Samoa Amiotonu

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